Finding Balance

Surrounded by walls, furniture, concrete and stuff I find myself slowing being decapitated. My head begins to lose contact with my body. My mind races forward and my body totters slowly behind. There is no unity between the two. My mind is continually working. It has a million things to think of, a million lists to make, a million boxes to tick. My body, however, rests in lethargy. Every movement is an annoyance. As my mind whirls towards the future my flesh is satisfied to lull apathetically in the present. I find this disharmony exhausting and the only remedy I know for it is nature.

After living just a few days in nature surrounded by trees, rock and water my mind slows down. It stops its obsession with the future and begins to focus on the present. The sluggishness leaves my limbs and my body begins to remember what it feels like to be useful. Mind and body becomes one unit with one focus – now. The future is not important, the past is done, it is the now that needs to be lived.

I don’t know why this happens in nature. I don’t know what magic causes this harmony. Maybe moving in nature brings us back to our natural rhythm, maybe nature puts everything is perspective, maybe silence allows peace – peace between body and mind. I don’t know what it is. But I do know that I need it. I know that I am meant to live in unity, mind and body in harmony focused on intentional present living.

For all of us who do not have the luxury to live in nature we must make every effort to get out into it. Whether we just walk the dog, sit on our porch, make snow angels in our back yard, or take ten minutes to breath in the fresh air. We need nature. In this unbalanced world we need to take time to daily escape into the refreshing saneness of nature.