The Need For Art In The Park

As the trees get their leaves and the flowers begin to bloom artist from all over begin to set up little white tents in parks. Art in the Park begins. As a lover of art I am becoming keenly aware of how important these little shows are.

A few weeks ago I was standing in my little white tent talking about one of my pieces to a nice young woman when three overly excited boys, around eight years old, ran into my booth. With all of their little boy energy they darted around my tent pointing, with their ice cream hands, to all the pieces they loved, – arguing about which piece was the best and which painting they hated. They all had different reasons for loving or hating a piece. One loved the colours, one thought the movement was great, one of them declared that the work needed animals.

As they leapt around my booth the woman I was talking to asked if I wasn’t nervous having three very energetic boys on the loose in my tent.

Truthfully part of me was. The uptight, grown up part of me. But the other part of me was in absolute glory listening to little boys discuss art. It was art at its best.

Art in the Park introduces art in an environment that allows and encourages loud and joyful discussion. It shows children that art is for everyone – not just the art critic. It teaches that art is for you to enjoy, study and debate.

Our society continually pushes art to the side lines.  Art in the Park brings it back to centre stage. So when you see those little white tents popping up in your local park – go, enjoy, discuss.Stroke of My PaddleLR