About the Artist

One of my earliest memories is sitting in the bottom of a canoe, the wind in my face, the sun on the water and the joy of nature in my lungs. I was five years old, on my first canoe trip, and I was in love. For over thirty years that love affair has continued. Nature has been my temple, my school, and my home.

When I was eleven years old my grandpa died and left me his oil paints. That summer, armed with old oil paints, canvas paper, and some worn toothbrushes, I headed into Algonquin with my family and began my first painting. Art became a way for me to express my love of nature.

I moved from oil paints to oil pastels for interior camping. With each drawing I learned more about the wisdom of nature. I came to realize that trees often show more humanity than humans, that the sun rejoices in it’s setting, and the moonlight makes even the most common object beautiful.

As I grew up I understood the necessity of art but I also understood the practicality of life. So I got a practical job and began a career. After five years of teaching kindergarten, I found myself missing the wilderness. So I quit my job to get back into nature. For three years I took time to reconnect with nature and with my art. I continued to study the wisdom of the wild and develop my point of view as an artist. I became enthralled with how nature embraces both struggle and surrender and those two themes have become a large part of my work. With my painting I try to capture the exterior struggle of nature and with my ink work I try to uncover its interior struggle. After three years of studying and experiencing the wild I decided to share the lessons nature had taught me and I began to show my work.

I am now a full time artist who takes every possible chance to get out into the wild. All of my work begins in the wilderness. I try to spend at least three weeks deep in the interior of some provincial park. It is important for me to not only see the beauty of nature but to get into it’s rhythm. I want to live in nature, to understand her moods and learn her lessons. Growing up in nature, I fell in love with the created world, with the howling wind, the dying trees, and the lonely moon. Now I share that love with others.


How Pure a Thing is Joy

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