Algonquin Series



I have spent over 25 summers in the interior of Algonquin Park. I love it. Its tall pines, roaming rivers, and cold deep lakes feel like home. Fifteen minutes of canoeing is all I need to feel relaxed. I belong in this wilderness. I am absolutely content sitting on a rock gazing across a still lake. Algonquin was one of my fist teachers. It taught me the importance of quiet, the power of the present, and the acceptance of death.

On the Edge of DarknessLR

Edge of Darkness (10″ x 30″ acrylic on canvas) -SOLD


Forest Beauty (6″ x 36″ Acrylic on Canvas) SOLD

DCF 1.0

The Lookout (20″ x 34″ Acrylic on Canvas) SOLD


Protection (12″ x24″ Acrylic on Canvas) – SOLD

Bold SurrenderLR

Bold Surrender (24″ x 48″ Acrylic on Canvas)

Happily I Go ForthLR

Happily I go Forth (24″x48″ Acrylic on Canvas)

Heaven's ProclaimLR

The Heavens Proclaim  (24″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas) – SOLD

Just a Few More MinutesLR

Just a Few More Minutes (Sold)

Trees Have Long ThoughtsLR

Trees Have Long Thoughts – (24″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas)


2011-09-07 05.54.59

The Pause Before – 24″ x 48″  (sold)

2011-09-07 05.56.56

The Comfort of Home – 12″ x 24″ (sold)


Remembering – 32″ x 32″ (sold )


Secret Things – 12″ x 24″  SOLD


Tangled Roots

As It Use To be long Ago – (20″ x 36″ Acrylic on Canvas) SOLD


Dancing in the Moonlight – 32″ x 32″ (sold)


In Beauty it is Finished – (16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas)

DCF 1.0

“In it’s surrendering finds it’s continuing”  (Sold)

DCF 1.0

My Forest  (sold)


Through the Mist (Sold)


The White Witch and her dwarf (Sold)






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