Artist Statement

“Satisfaction is a lowly thing, how pure a thing is joy.” Marion Moore
Nature, when it is not satisfied with circumstances, creates new ones. A sapling will bend, strain and swerve to become a great tree, water will wear away at rock to reach its destination and as an artist I strive to do the same. With my art I never want to be just satisfied. Instead, I continually aim for joy.
I have spent over 25 summers in the interior of Algonquin Park. I have lived amid waltzing trees, decaying stumps, painted skies, and barren rocks. Nature has been my temple, my school, and my home. I have come to realize that trees often show more humanity than humans, that the sun rejoices in it’s setting, and that moonlight makes even the most common object beautiful. In nature I have seen the struggle for life, the necessity of death, and the reality of something greater.

Growing up in the Algonquin wild, I fell in love with the created world, with the howling wind, the dying trees, and the lonely moon. I want to share that love with others, and so I paint.


How Pure a Thing is Joy

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