Purchase & Commissions

Often when purchasing art you have a specific place in your house you are thinking of filling. Sometimes the piece you love doesn’t fit the space you have. This is where commissions come in. I can paint a piece just for you. It will be in my style and my point of view but it can fit your space or maybe capture a scene that is important to you.  If you are interested in a commission or in purchasing any of my work, please email me at annawhitmore@rogers.com.

Thank you,

Anna Whitmore


2 thoughts on “Purchase & Commissions”

  1. Hello Anna, I work with your brother in law Matt at the Sutton Youth Shelter. I really love your work and I am thinking about purchasing one of your acrylics in Matt’s office. I would also like to find out how much you charge for an ink drawing for a tattoo I am thinking about having. It is to be angel wings with a Celtic twist. Can you give me an idea of the cost. I know that the painting in Matt’s office is around

    1. Corriene,

      Thanks for your interest. I charge $60 for a tattoo design. What I do is come up with about 5 designs for you to choose from. If none of those work for you there is no obligation to buy a design. If you like a design it is $60 for a hard copy and an electronic file. Let me know what you are thinking. Thanks again, Anna

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